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Ode to Claire


This pattern has been inspired by the wild soul of Scotland and the story of Claire in Outlander. A large triangular scarf that protects you from wind and weather – in the sense of the Scottish 17th century, when the warmth of wool played another role. Ode to Claire is also ideal for wrapping yourself in whenever you need a bit of daydreaming. A little break to get away from it all - who knows, maybe you're riding through the Highlands by Jamie's side….

By the way the eyelet pattern is ideal for a small, fashionable accessory. I pulled through a satin ribbon in blue - but it also looks nice with a velvet or artificial fur ribbon.

The price for the pattern is € 8,00.

Bikers Loop


Well, is there a little soft rocker in you too? Let her out…she’ll love the cozy Bikers Loop.

It is a simple and addictive knit that uses a combination of knits and purls to create the pattern in the middle.

My Bikers Loop is 55cm/21,6” in diameter and 27cm/10,6” in height. It is easy to use alternative yarns for this pattern, just adjust the needle size if necessary. You can change the height by adding some sticking stitch rows under and above the skull pattern.


Highland Heather


The Scottish Highlands - a vast landscape with undulating coastline, wild expanses, rugged mountains and islands, rushing rivers, beautiful lakes, endless mores and green valleys. Hidden secrets and the full fascination only open up to those who set out to discover the wild, unspoiled soul of Scotland with their own eyes. The Highlands are fascinating me over and over again and setting no limits to my imagination. 


The effects in my Highland Heather are paying homage to that wonderful nature -  a little green for the valleys, a little pink for the heather and not to forget the little bumblebees flying around. The diversity of the Scottish landscape symbolized by different yarns and patterns. For me, designing and knitting this scarf was again a little journey into the nature and stunning scenery of Scotland. 


The price for the pattern is €6,00

Scottish Diamonds 


Scottish Diamonds is my first design born out of my love to Scotland. The different variations of the green colours remind me to Scotlands greenest hills The “diamonds” for me are the nice people, the lakes, the castles, the Highland Cows and – not to forget – the Scottish Single Malt.  


The price for the pattern is €2,40

Smooth as a Single Malt


Majestically the large castle ruins are overlooking Loch Ness. For me always a magical place I visited around 5 times over the last years. My first time was ages ago when there was no big visitor center such as now and less tourists disturbing the peace and quiet. Over the time the popularity of Urquhart Castle has grown bigger and bigger and yet it is still a special place for me. It was the perfect spot for my photos reflecting the combination of two passions – knitting and Scotland. And why naming it “Smooth as a Single Malt”? Scotland and Whiskey just belong together.


The price for the pattern is € 4.00


Potholders á la Fraser


Something different – a piece of Outlander in your kitchen: Potholders with Tartan-Look. And as I am one of these Outlander Fans it is of course the Fraser Tartan.

Knitting the Tartan pattern is really easy. It is knitted in stocking stitch (Colors additional to color and stitch panel) and where the vertical colored line will be placed later you do a purl stitch. In this vertical purl columns you later add slip-stitches via a crochet hook. The technique is also called “Pinstriping”. This kind of knitting, the more or less small needle size and knitting with double thread provide a compact texture of the potholder. 


The price for the pattern is € 2,30.