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Ingredients (serves around 24-30 pieces depending on size of the baking pan) 

80g very soft butter

100g sugar

2 eggs

grated zest of 2 organic lemons

Pinch of Sea Salt

 100g Flour Type 550

1/2 Tl Baking Powder

1 Bowl of Blueberries



1. Mix the butter with 1 tablespoon of sugar until creamy, stir the remaining sugar with eggs, lemon zest and salt until frothy in a second bowl. Gradually fold the flour and baking powder into the egg mixture. 

2. Add a third of the mixture to the butter mixture and stir well, then carefully fold the mixture into the other egg mixture. Pour the mixture into a large piping bag and chill for 3 hours.

3. Preheat the oven to 220 ° (convection oven 200 °). Butter a madeleine pan and dust with flour. Cut off the tip of the piping bag so that an approximately 8mm hole is created. Fill the molds 3/4 high with the mixture. Top each madeleine with 2 blueberries. Reduce the oven temperature to 180 ° (convection oven 160 °) and bake the madeleines for 14 minutes until the edges are deep golden brown and the domes are just browning. 

4. Take the madeleines out of the oven and let them cool down in the pan for a few minutes, then remove them and let them cool down completely on a cooling rack.

Lime-Tiramisu with a Breeze of Hazelnut - Serves 8


4 Limes

80ml Hazelnut-Liqueur (I used Frangelico)

1 sheet white Gelatin

100g white Couverture

700g Greek Yoghurt

40g Icing Sugar

12 Ladyfingers

8 Passion Fruits

20g Sugar

Strawberries for Decoration


1. Wash the lime with hot water, dry it and grate the zest of the lime. Pres out the juice (around 6 EL). Mix 3EL of the juice with the Hazelnut Liqueur. Soak Gelatin in cold water for around 10min.

2. Chop the Couverture and melt it in a bowl over hot water. Stir Couverture together with Yoghurt, Icing Sugar and the Lime Zest until smooth.

3. Heat the remaining Lime Juice in a pan. Squeeze the water out of the gelatin and melt it in the lime juice. Stir briskly the Gelatin together with the Lime-Yoghurt-mixture until smooth.  Gelatinise the mix for around 30min.

4. Halve or third the ladyfingers depending of size of your serving glasses and dip them into the mix of Lime juice and Hazelnut-Liqueur.  Spread it now in layers with the Lime-Yoghurt-Mix into 8 not too small glasses (finishing with the lime-yoghurt. Store the covered glasses overnight in the fridge.

5. Half the passion fruits the following day and take out the pulp with a spoon. Heat it in a pan and strain it through a sieve while collecting the juice. Stir in the sugar. Take glasses out of the fridge around 20min before serving. Give passionfruit juice on top of the lime-yoghurt and decorate it with strawberries.

Madeleines – YUMMY

Serves 12 Madeleines

 90g Butter

 2 Eggs Size M

 110g Icing Sugar

 2 drops Vanilla Aroma

 Seed of a Vanilla Bean

 1 TL grated organic orange zest (we have a convenience product for this in Germany....)

100g Flour

1TL Baking Powder

Melt the Butter in a pan and let it cool down. Beat eggs, 100g icing sugar, Vanilla Aroma, Vanilla Bean Seed and orange zest together with the melted butter until fluffy.

Mix flour and backing powder, sift it and stir it carefully under the beated mix. Leave to chill for around 15min. Fill the dough in the slots for the Madeleines.

 Put the baking pan on the rack on middle position of the oven and bake it for 12-15min with 200°C top-/bottom-heat. Remove carefully from baking pan, let them cool down and dust with icing sugar. 

Strawberry-Amaretto-Gugl..what a devine taste...

Serves 18

Butter and flour for the special baking pan

½ Vanilla Bean

50g butter – room temperature

50g icing sugar – sieved

4 Spoons Amaretto

1 Egg size M

20g Cream – room temperature

60g Flour – sieved

70g fresh strawberries

Flour for dusting


Butter the cake pan and dust it with a bit flour. Preheat the oven to 210°C upper and lower heat.

Cut the Vanillabean and scrape out the pulp. Melt the butter in a pot and add icing sugar, pup and 2 spoons Amaretto while stirring constantly. Fold egg into mixture and keep on stirring until all is free of lumps. Whisk the cream until stiff and fold into. Add flour and stir until smooth.

Wash the strawberries and cut into small pieces. Mix them together with 2 spoons of Amaretto in an extra little bowl. Dust a bit of flour over the strawberries and fold under the mixture.

Fill the dough into the cake pan, put it on a rack and move it in the lower third of the preheated oven. Bake for around 14 Minutes. Cool in the pan and then remove the Gugl carefully out of it.

If you don´t have such a special baking pan you could order it here - the book of Chalwa Heigl comes with it but it is only in German: