Tension and Relaxation

Oh no, too much stress at work, the house- and gardenwork, the officework at home and so on.....I easily could put more on that list. No time for knitting and ideas for new designs remain on the line. Just take a deep breath and recharge your batteries in a short period of time:  This relaxation exercise is easy to do in between all your duties and you can do it either in a sitting or a standing position. But if you have a chance to lying down and do it, the better. 


Breathe a few times deeply.

Then tense your body - all parts, all muscles, that you can influence. Try to increase this tension as much as possible.

When you think you have reached the highest tension, hold it for about half a minute.

Then relax you body and breathe deeply.


Best would be to do this exercise twice. If you did it right, you feel a toasty warmth and feeling of heaviness in your body due to the change in between tension and relaxation. When the mucsles are tensed blood is pumped into the vessels. When the tensions dies down the vessels expand and fill up with even more blood.