The KnitKit - Knitting Tool with 9 Functions

Simply brilliant!! I´m already working for ages with the KnitKit. All within reach: Row Counter, Crochet Hook, Tape Measure in inch and cm, Thread Cutter, Darning Needle, Scissor, Stitch Marker, Point Protector and Needle Gauge. Also great when you are travelling with your knitting projects. Knitting on the Go made easy - just give it a try. You won´t give it back or even borrow your best fried.... 

Wollfimmel´s Hand Cream

What do you think how a thread of yarn will feel, running through smooth hands?? Just great!!

I personally tend to a bit rough hands and it cuts me to the quick, knitting with a really expensive and exclusive yarn which start sticking on my rough hands. Therefor I cream my hands around 15min before I start to knit so that the hand cream has time to work its way into my skin.  

I can fully recommend Wollfimmel´s Hand Cream - with natural ingredients, vegan and high-yield and with a light citrus fragrance. Interested? You can buy it in my shop - just klick on the button below. Your Yarn will cheer for joy.

Yeah – I tried something new (at least new for me……) for blocking: Knit Blocker from KnitPro. Just brilliant for large projects!! If I would have used my fixing pins for that scarf as usual my fingers would be wound now… was so fast and easy with that Knit Blocker. Just give it a try!! The KnitPro Blockers are coming in a box with 20 – 12 large with 8 pins and 8 small with 4 pins.